Restaurante Sala Decor 03


To this SÁLA, in the heart of Lisbon, only the ingredients of each season arrive. Do not be surprised if you do not find tomatoes in December or strawberries in January. The earth has its time, its rhythms, and John knows them well. It is nature that has the last word. Here the voice of the mother earth makes itself heard and respects itself.

The space is dominated by light and bright wood. This Pombaline room recovered by the ForStudio architecture studio highlights a decorative element, a central area in brushed brass. This element ties in perfectly with the other colors present in the menu and in other remarks: gold over blue.

Restaurante Sala Decor 01

A SÁLA is not like any place at all. It is where we can guard a mountain or hide a desert. It is the lowland we know without having to open our eyes. It is the place that saw us grow, that made us dream and that one day saw us spread our wings and jump without fear. It was in this jump that, breaking down walls and opening horizons, João Sá opened his SÁLA so that we can enjoy his passion and vision of modern Portuguese gastronomy.

Come to taste, to be or just know this SÁLA that Lisbon has to offer.

Restaurante Sala Prato 01
Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, 103
1100-074 Lisboa