Delicious Shrimp Tails
Mr. Valentim is our miller. This calm storyteller grew up with the flour and knows the wheat and the mill like no-one.
Quintal Urbano works with passion and this is felt in their products. From their organic farm in the west sprouts and small vegetables grow full of flavor.
Vitor Claro, a great friend formerly a cook and more recently vigneron, now applies the sensitivity that he has for the kitchen to his wines.
Sediment is a studio and creative pottery workshop. This combination allowed us to combine research and experience for the design of ceramics that we use in SÁLA.
Cláudia Garrido | Garrido Studio | , João Fernandes | Leather Goods | , Samuel Reis Design, Maud and Ursula | Sedimento |, Paula Valentim | Otchipotchi | and Ricardo Rival | Rival Design Studio | are some of the national artists responsible for SÁLA decoration, dinnerware and accessories.
Vegetais frescos
José Campos inspires us every day with his fresh and seasoned products from a small and sustainable production. It is a delight reading his texts about every beginning of season!
Celia from Neptunpearl is passionate about oysters. She creates the Portuguese oyster with an unparalleled quality result of hard work and dedication.
Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, 103
1100-074 Lisboa